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1: Tristan: No Landing for MS HANSEATIC Visit - Tristan (Tourism/Travel) - 26.12.2012
The cruise vessel MS HANSEATIC called in at Tristan at 14:30 on Christmas Eve

2: Tristan Live: Thatched House Museum Opens - Tristan (Education) - 26.12.2012
The “Thatched Tristan House Project” organised by the Tourist Department, was built using traditional materials, and started in January 2009. Due to the expertise in soft stone building, retired pensioners were employed to build the house.

3: Tristan Marks Annual Sheep shearing Day 2012 - Tristan (Education) - 17.12.2012
This year’s annual sheep shearing day was held on Saturday 15th December, although due to the weather forecast predicting rain, most of the men went and sheared the majority of their sheep on Friday afternoon, and only left the catching of lambs and marking of paint until Saturday.

4: TRISTAN DA CUNHA SHIPPING AND TOURISM NEWS - Tristan (Tourism/Travel) - 14.12.2012
The Baltic Trader which departed Tristan on Friday 7th December is currently 210 miles from Cape Town doing 5.5kts.

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