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1: Visit of National Geographic Explorer 19 – 20th March - Tristan (Tourism/Travel) - 22.03.2012
There was a delay to the arrival of the Explorer at Tristan, due to her experiencing some bad weather, and when she first arrived there was a strong breeze with a slight swell in the harbour.

2: Yacht Dira Calls in but Doesn't Call Tristan - Tristan (Tourism/Travel) - 21.03.2012This article has photographs
The yacht was sighted off Hottentot point, and although Tristan radio called many times, there was no reply. Photo (c) James Glass - Yacht DIRA coming on anchorage assisted by the rescue Rib Atlantic Dawn

3: Christening of Ethan Terrence Lavarello Green - Tristan (People) - 21.03.2012
Sunday the 18th March was a busy day, for parents Donny and Poppy

4: Tristan Celebrates Mothers Day and Harvest Festival - Tristan (People) - 21.03.2012
On Sunday the 18th March, both the Catholic and Anglian Church’s celebrated Mother’s Day and Harvest Festival.

5: COMMONWEALTH DAY MESSAGE FROM H. M. T HE QUEEN - All (Education) - 17.03.2012
One of the great benefits of today’s technology-based world is the range of opportunities it offers to understand and appreciate how others live: we can see, hear and enter into the experience of people in communities and circumstances far removed from our own.

6: Tristan celebrates Queens Day 2012 - Tristan (Education) - 11.03.2012
Queens Day this year was held on Friday the 9th March.

7: HMS Montrose visits Tristan. - Tristan (Fisheries) - 06.03.2012This article has photographs
On the afternoon of the 1st March the HMS Montrose called at Tristan on her way to the Falkland Islands. The weather was overcast and there was a swell running through the harbour and at the anchorage. Photo (c) James Glass - HMS Montrose at anchor at Tristan da Cunha

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