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1: LOTTERY MONEY FOR UK OVERSEAS TERRITORIES - All (Government) - 30.09.2011
The Hon Mr Henry Bellingham MP, the UK’s Minister for Overseas Territories (OSTs) visited Bermuda on Wednesday and held a press conference in which he said that he is seeking to pass on some of the benefits of Britain’s National Lottery to the Overseas Territories. Some of this money could reach the Falklands.

2: St Helena Ex-Co Report - 27 Sept 11 - Tristan (Government) - 30.09.2011
Welcome to my first ExCo Report – which deals with a short but productive meeting. The five elected members were all present,

3: Important Speech to be Delivered During Minister's Vitit to Bermuda - All (Government) - 23.09.2011
Government House has announced that Henry Bellingham MP, Minister for the Overseas Territories, is visiting Bermuda next week. This will be the Minister’s first visit to Bermuda.

4: St Helena: EXCO REPORT 83 – 20th September 2011 - Tristan (Government) - 23.09.2011
This is my 83rd EXCO report and I think that anyone who has heard all 83 probably deserves an award.

5: Tristan Welcomes Connor Patrick Glass Green - Tristan (People) - 18.09.2011This article has photographs
If anyone was wondering why no news have been appearing on Tristan Times of late, it is because Sarah has just had a baby boy Connor Patrick Glass-Green, Photo (c) Janes Glass (Tristan Times)

6: Tristan da Cunha – Fishing and Shipping News - Tristan (Fisheries) - 18.09.2011This article has photographs
The MV Edinburgh departed Cape Town at the end of August on her first fishing trip of the lobster season. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times)

7: New Future for UK Overseas Territories - S.Atlantic (Government) - 17.09.2011
UK Overseas Territories in the South Atlantic include Ascension Island, St Helena, Tristan da Cunha, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the Falkland Islands and British Antarctic Territory.

8: NEW WHITE PAPER FOR UK OVERSEAS TERRITORIES - All (Government) - 16.09.2011
The UK Foreign Secretary the Hon Mr William Hague recently spoke about the 2012 White Paper about Britain’s relationship with its overseas territories. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’ website Overseas Territories are British for as long as they wish to remain British.

9: St Helena EXCO REPORT 82 – 13th September 2011 - Tristan (Government) - 16.09.2011
This was a full-blooded EXCO with good debate and a wide range of issues. The agenda revealed 14 items, which is well above average.

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