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1: St Helena EXCO REPORT 68 19th April 2011 - Tristan (Government) - 19.04.2011
The first item was a request for us to endorse A Strategy for the Elimination of Untargeted Subsidies.

2: St Helena - EXCO REPORT 67 12th April 2011 - Ascension (Government) - 16.04.2011
It is an undeniable economic fact, that has been proved by numerous studies over many years, that by far the best option for the development and maintenance of a self sustaining economy on this island

3: Tristan - Harvest Festival and Mothering Sunday celebrated. - Tristan (People) - 09.04.2011This article has photographs
On Sunday the 3rd April the islanders celebrated Mothers Day, as well as Harvest Festival

4: Tristan - First Batch of Penguins is released - Tristan (Environment) - 09.04.2011This article has photographs
After weeks in captivity, the first batch of oiled penguins was released back to sea Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times)

5: Company vessel collects crew of Oliva from Tristan - Tristan (Nightingale Island) - 04.04.2011
The twenty-two crew of the wreck vessel Oliva, which ran around at Nightingale on the 16th March were collect by one of their passing vessel the Samatan on her way to Brazil.

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