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1: St Helena EXCO REPORT 66 – 29th March 2011 - Tristan (Government) - 30.03.2011
The weekly EXCO meeting has now become quite a feature of our political landscape. This increased frequency is due to the end of the financial year and the additional MOU related work, but whatever the reason, it is certainly ensuring that both officers and Councillors are under significant pressure.

2: Extreme Fishing – where is Robson Green when you need him! - Tristan (Fisheries) - 30.03.2011
With more than 1614 penguins currently at the rehab centre, on Tristan to be fed and no imported fish, the Tristanians have to go and catch whitefish, mostly the Yellowtail and Five-finger.

3: Tristan: The Lobster Fishery and will there be impacts in the future. - Tristan (Fisheries) - 30.03.2011
It is evident that the wreck of the Oliva has had a devastating effect on the wildlife, with the focus quite rightly being on the Rockhopper penguins, because they are of the most immediate concern, as can be seen by the numbers oiled.

4: UK penguins in rehab after devastating oil spill - Tristan (Environment) - 26.03.2011
Hundreds of oil-soaked rockhopper penguins in the South Atlantic have now been put into ‘rehab’ by Tristan Islanders facing a race against the clock to help save the endangered species. See images attached.

5: Tristan da Cunha asks Jill Lawless to Please Take Note! - S.Atlantic (Environment) - 22.03.2011This article has photographs
If you cared to look at the name of the bulk carrier that ran aground at Nightingale Island, it is M/V OLIVA, and not OLIVIA as you have plastered all over this story. Photo (c) MV Prince Albert II Photographer Kristine Hannon

6: The Oliva disaster worsens as oiled Penguins are reported at World Heritage Site - Tristan (Environment) - 21.03.2011This article has photographs
The Captain of the Edinburgh Clarence October reported early Friday morning (18th March) that the Oliva had broken in two, the bow and six holds were in one part and the stern and number seven hold was in the other and that oil was starting to leak from the vessel. Photo (c) Clarence October

7: STATEMENT FROM GOVERNOR’S OFFICE: THE WRECK OF THE MS OLIVA - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 18.03.2011This article has photographs
Since this incident occurred, the authorities in Tristan have been working round the clock, first to co-ordinate the rescue of the sailors on board the stricken vessel, and now to assess the implications for the environment and wildlife. Photo (c) MV Prince Albert II Photographer Kristine Hannon

8: OIL SLICK THREATENS PROTECTED WILDLIFE AREA NEAR TRISTAN DA CUNHA - Tristan (Environment) - 17.03.2011This article has photographs
An oil slick from the Bulk Carrier, OLIVA is threatening the fragile ecosystem around Nightingale Island. Photo (c) MV Prince Albert II Photographer Kristine Hannon

9: Tristan: Vessel Aground on Nightingale Island - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 16.03.2011This article has photographs
On the early hours of Wednesday the 16th March, a message was received at Tristan from Cape Town that the bulk carrier Oliva had ran aground at Spinners Point, Nightingale Island.

10: First Forum for South Atlantic Territories Cooperation - S.Atlantic (Communications) - 15.03.2011
At the Overseas Territories Consultative Council in November 2010, St Helena, Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha and the Falklands agreed to establish a South Atlantic Territories Cooperation Forum.

11: St Helena EXCO REPORT 64 – 15th March 2011 - Tristan (Government) - 15.03.2011
Yet another EXCO and one with a full agenda. Cllr.Isaac continued to deputise for Cllr.Yon and Gilly Francis for the Chief Secretary.

12: St Helena EXCO REPORT 63 – 11th March 2011 - Tristan (Government) - 14.03.2011
This was a special EXCO convened in order to discuss once again the reform of taxation that was proposed by the Financial Secretary at our last meeting on 1st March.

13: St Helena EXCO REPORT 62 – 1st March2011 - Tristan (Government) - 03.03.2011
This EXCO consisted of the same people as last week’s, with Cllr. Isaac replacing Cllr. Yon, who I understand has now reached New Caledonia.

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