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1: Cllr Tony Green Attends 5th International Parliamentary Governance Seminar - S.Atlantic (Government) - 30.01.2011
I briefed councillors on Friday about my attendance at this seminar and so I'm now able to share this information. Having been nominated by my fellow councillors in August last year I duly attended this CPA Governance Seminar from 14 to 26 November 2010. The Seminar took place in London, Brussels and Cardiff.

The South Atlantic Territories Co-operative Forum will meet to discuss tourism and conservation but Elected Members and UK Representatives of St Helena, Ascension Island, the Falklands, and Tristan da Cunha also need to think of a fundamental yet frustrating issue – money.

3: Tristan's Whale of a Tale. - Tristan (Environment) - 21.01.2011This article has photographs
On the morning of the 19th January, there was much excitement when it was reported that a whale was in the harbour

4: Atlantic Dawn to the Rescue - Tristan (Health) - 19.01.2011This article has photographs
On the 17th January the Tristan authorities received a message from the container vessel Aliacana Maua that they had a sick crewman on board and wish to call in at Tristan for medical assistance. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times)

5: Governor Gurr to Pay Official Visit to Tristan - Tristan (Tourism/Travel) - 18.01.2011
His Excellency, Governor Gurr departed the island on 18th January 2011 for an official visit to Tristan da Cunha. This is the first visit Governor Gurr will pay to the Territory.

6: EXCO REPORT 58 – 17th January 2011 - Tristan (Government) - 18.01.2011
I will be leaving tomorrow to visit Tristan for the first time, in spite of the fact that I have been Governor of that even remoter island for 38 months. I know that many Saints here have many friends on Tristan and I will be taking greetings from many of you.

7: Shipping News 11th Jan 2011 - Tristan (Fisheries) - 11.01.2011
The M.V. Edinburgh pumped fuel to the island on the 7th January,

8: Black Rover Visits Tristan - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 09.01.2011This article has photographs
The Black Rover on route to the Falkland Islands, from Simons Town South Africa, called in at Tristan on the 7th January, and departed late the same evening.

9: South Atlantic Territories Co-operative Forum to Discuss Tourism and Conservation - S.Atlantic (Government) - 08.01.2011
Elected Members and UK Representatives of St Helena, Ascension Island, the Falklands, and Tristan da Cunha have established the South Atlantic Territories Cooperation Forum.

10: TRISTAN HONOURS NEW MBE - Tristan (People) - 08.01.2011
Lorraine is an Island Councillor and was Deputy Chief Islander during the office of the previous Council.

11: TRISTAN ADMINISTRATOR'S OLD YEAR'S NIGHT SPEECH - Tristan (Government) - 08.01.2011
First of all many thanks for coming to the house this evening to help celebrate Old Year’s Night. It’s great to see you all here and great to see that some of you have even dressed up for the evening!

12: Last Vessel to visit Tristan for 2010 - Tristan (Tourism/Travel) - 01.01.2011This article has photographs
The MV Bremen arrived at Tristan on Sunday the 19th December

13: St Mary’s School Christmas Concert - Tristan (Education) - 01.01.2011This article has photographs
The children’s Christmas concert this year was held on Monday the 13th December. The theme of this year’s play was based on the 1961 volcano, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the eruption of the volcano on Tristan at that time.

14: Tristan Celebrates Old Year's Night - Tristan (People) - 01.01.2011This article has photographs
Old Year’s Night (New Year's Eve on Tristan) is a unique event on Tristan, with a drinks party hosted by the Administrator on the lawns of The Residency if the weather allows.

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