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1: M/V KELSO Should Have Received Another Name - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 07.04.2010
The former M/V KELSO, renamed M/Y TIANIC, is in the news again because an RNLI lifeboatsman helped co-ordinate a Caribbean sea rescue while out DIY shopping in Britain after a friend called to say he was on sinking ship called Titanic.

2: Oil Rig Runs Aground at Tristan da Cunha - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 08.06.2006This article has photographs
Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) An Oil Rig aground to the South-East of Tristan.

3: Negotiations Underway to Free Rig - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 08.06.2006This article has photographs
The Rig had to be set loose a month ago and has finally gone aground on Tristan Da Cunha. Photos (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) The Island as seen from the rig.

4: Calshot Harbour Afloat - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 07.06.2006This article has photographs
Stormy weather often renders Calshot Harbour useless. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) The Harbour at its ..almost.. worst.

5: Royal Navy Task Group on Patrol in Sub-Antarctica - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 26.03.2006
A naval patrol is taking place in the South Atlantic.

6: Corriedale Rams for Tristan - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 04.04.2005
Four Corriedale Rams have been purchased at the National Stud Flock sale at Goose Green for Tristan Da Cunha.

7: Heavy Seas Damage Calshot Harbour - Tristan (Shipping/Freight) - 05.12.2004This article has photographs
Seven heavy blocks of concrete have been washed away from the west side of the harbour. Photo (C) James Glass (Tristan Times) Heavy seas like this weakened the western side of Calshot Harbour.

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