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1: Tristan da Cunha in the News - Tristan (Environment) - 12.12.2009This article has photographs
Scientists have long recognized marine transport as a vector for exotic species invasions. But relatively little attention has been given to the transport of semi-submersible rigs - the installations that are used for oil drilling.

2: Up to the Hub of Utopia – Climbing Tristan da Cunha's Queen Mary's Peak - Tristan (Environment) - 26.10.2009This article has photographs
In 1516 Thomas Morus published his “Utopia”, the design of an ideal community. Vulnerable as he sensed it to be, he placed it on an imaginary island. Photos (c) Wolfgang Schaub

3: First Visit of a Vet to Tristan Since 1982 - Tristan (Environment) - 13.03.2009
Tristan da Cunha received the visit of a vet for the first time since 1982. The vet shares his experiences.

4: Beneath Tristan is a Different Story - Tristan (Environment) - 05.08.2008
Follow the link to find out what is shaking in the vacinity of Tristan da Cunha.

5: RSPB Announces the South Atlantic Regional Invasive Species Project - Tristan (Environment) - 25.10.2006
RSPB will be managing EU funds ear-marked for use in eradicating invasive species from the South Atlantic UK Overseas Territories.

6: Tristanians Fear Albatross Deaths as Oil Rig Stays Aground - Tristan (Environment) - 02.08.2006This article has photographs
The platform rig that has been washed ashore to the South-East of Tristan da Cunha is still there and pollution from it could cause Albatross mortality. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) The rig at present is intact but who knows what the volitile weather in the South Atlantic can do?

7: Tristan's Patchs Road Covered by Mudslide - Tristan (Environment) - 16.05.2006This article has photographs
Photos (c) by James Glass for Tristan Times shows the damage the mudslide caused.

8: The ACAP Workshop: An Outsider's View - Falklands (Environment) - 21.03.2006This article has photographs
Now its up to the authorities in charge of anti-poaching measures to act upon recommendations that will come out of this vital workshop. Photo (c) Norman Glass - Thousands of seabirds follow fishing ships and seem to be determined to be a statistic.

9: Administrator Sets the Record Straight About Albatross Carnage - Tristan (Environment) - 25.07.2005This article has photographs
Officials on Tristan have not answered enquiries about an emerging story from Gough Island about Albatross carnage. Photo (c) J. Brock (FINN) Gonies are what Islanders call Tristan Albatross. This one, a juvenile, was the first to land on Tristan da Cunha for 50 years.

10: FRIDAY 13TH: TRISTAN RATS HAVE AN UNLUCKY DAY - Tristan (Environment) - 27.05.2005
Ratting Day on Tristan Da Cunha came early this year, and the whole community participated in a giant rat catching operation.

11: Dr. Vicky Hards: A Scientific Assessment of Tristan's Recent Seismic Activity - Tristan (Environment) - 25.10.2004This article has photographs
Dr. Vicky Hards has returned to the UK after spending approximately a month on Tristan da Cunha assessing the recent seismic activity that began 29/30 July 2004. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) - A view of the 1961 volcano and Edinburgh of the Seven Seas from the base.

12: German Geophyscists Visit Tristan to Collect Rock Samples - Tristan (Environment) - 06.10.2004This article has photographs
Juergen Matzka and Marko Leitner, geophysicists from the University Munich in Germany have visited Tristan da Cunha to do geological fieldwork. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) - Juergen Matzka using a hand drill to take a sample of bluestone from Tristan.

13: Tristan Da Cunha: Vickey Hards to Return to the UK - Tristan (Environment) - 30.09.2004
The British Geological Survey (BGS) has indicated that the seismic activity on Tristan Da Cunha is tailing off and the level of risk is low enough to justify remote monitoring. This is a Press Release from the St. Helena Government.

14: Administrator Speaks About Recent Seismic Activity - Tristan (Environment) - 15.09.2004This article has photographs
This interview was conducted by Alex Kirby of the BBC World Service for "Calling the Falklands." Photo (c) J. Brock (SARTMA-TdC)

15: Tristan Still Shakes Underground - Tristan (Environment) - 06.08.2004This article has photographs
Though quiet on the surface, there are still signs that recent seismic activity has taken place. Photo (c) James Glass Tristan Times - Rocks like these are floating all around Tristan.

16: Tristan da Cunha: Swarm of Earthquakes Confirmed - Tristan (Environment) - 02.08.2004
Further to reports published earlier on Tristan Times Online, a swarm of earthquakes struck Tristan da Cunha on the nights of 28 and 29 July 2004.

17: Cash Injection Project for OSTs - Tristan (Environment) - 10.12.2003
The remote islands of Ascension, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha in the Atlantic, and pristine coral atolls in the Indian Ocean are just some of the unique habitats in the UK's Overseas Territories which stand to benefit from a new £3 million cash fund designed to save precious eco-systems from destruction, it was announced today.

18: Darwin Initiative for Tristan - Tristan (Environment) - 17.11.2003This article has photographs
International biodiversity projects are benefiting from a total of £4million in Government funding this year as part of biodiversity grants scheme the Darwin Initiative, Nature Protection Minister Elliot Morley announced today

19: Official Hurricane Report - Tristan (Environment) - 17.11.2003This article has photographs
On 21 May 2001, Tristan suffered a devastating hurricane where every building on the Island, save, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, was damaged. Photos (c) James Glass

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