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1: Tristan - An RSPB Success Story - Tristan (Conservation) - 08.01.2010This article has photographs
For the past few years, the RSPB under the South Atlantic Invasive Species project has provided poison and bait boxes, to be placed around the settlement and patches area. In all more than 300 bait stations have been check regularly every fortnight and refilled.

2: Gough and Inaccessible Ramsar Wetlands Designation - Tristan (Conservation) - 10.08.2009This article has photographs
With funding received from the Overseas Territories Environment Programme in 2007, Tristan da Cunha prepared information sheets to allow the UK Government to designate the Gough and Inaccessible Island Nature Reserves (which together form a World Heritage Site) as Wetlands of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. Photos (c) UK OVERSEAS TERRITORIES CONSERVATION FORUM

3: UKOTs IMPORTANT FOR ALBATROSS AND PETRELS SAYS ACAP CO-ORDINATOR - Tristan (Conservation) - 14.07.2009This article has photographs
Anton Wolfaardt is the ACAP coordinator for the UK South Atlantic OTs, based in the Falkland Islands, but working on behalf of the UKOTs of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and SSI, British Antarctic Territory and Tristan da Cunha, as well as for the UK government. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times)

4: Tristan da Cunha establishes a Conservation Department - Tristan (Conservation) - 26.02.2009
Trevor Glass with a squid tentacle regurgitated by a Tristan Albatross Diomedea dabbenena on Gough Island. Photograph by John Cooper Tristan da Cunha, an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom in the South Atlantic, is one of the World’s smallest communities, with a permanent population of just 264 islanders. Impressive then, that it has this month created its first Conservation Department, with a staff of three, led by Trevor Glass as Head of Department and Norman Glass as his assistant (see Previously conservation issues were covered by the Tristan Agriculture and Natural Resources Department, led by James Glass. The TANRD will continue to cover Tristan fisheries, including conducting research, issuing of licenses and arranging for observers aboard vessels. The Tristan Conservation Department will be active in several spheres relating to ACAP-listed species, including monitoring of banded populations of Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatrosses Thalassarche chlororhynchos on the main island of Tristan and on Nightingale Island, as well as working closely with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the University of Cape Town on monitoring of Tristan Diomedea dabbenena and Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatrosses on Gough Island. Three other ACAP-listed species are monitored in the Tristan Group: Spectacled Petrels Procellaria conspicillata on Inaccessible Island, and Southern Giant Petrels Macronectes giganteus and Dark-mantled Sooty Albatrosses Phoebetria fusca on Gough. No less than three of Tristan’s five ACAP-listed breeding species are endemic to the island group, and all face serious conservation issues. Click here to find up-to-date accounts of two of them, the Tristan Albatross and the Spectacled Petrel. Information on monitoring and research projects on Tristan’s birds, and plans to eradicate Tristan’s rodents, may be found at Tristan da Cunha was included within the United Kingdom’s ratification of the Albatross and Petrel Agreement by diplomatic note on 13 April 2006. John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, posted 22 February 2008

5: Annual Sheep Shearing Day 2009 - Tristan (Conservation) - 23.01.2009
Though delayed this annual event has taken place with much community success.

6: Keeping a World Heritage Site tidy: a clean-up on Gough Island - Tristan (Conservation) - 12.11.2008
The Gough Island Nature Reserve, along with Inaccessible Island in the Tristan da Cunha Group of islands, forms one of the United Kingdom's few natural sites registered with the World Heritage Convention.

7: International Albatross and Petrel Workshop to be Held in the Falklands: Day One and Two - Tristan (Conservation) - 10.03.2006This article has photographs
A full programme of events awaits the people who will be attending this vital workshop.

8: Appointment of Tristan da Cunha's Conservation Officer - Tristan (Conservation) - 15.12.2005This article has photographs
Simon Glass has been appointed Tristan da Cunha's Conservation Officer. Photo (c) Sarah Glass (Tristan Times) On the left Rodney Green and on the right, Conservation Officer, Simon Glass holding the winch so flax can be removed. Yellow Nosed Albatross (Thalassarche Chlorohynchos) are monitored at four sites on Nightingale Island, with approximately 850 counted and 100 chicks ringed each year.

9: A Conservation Project on Nightingale Island - Tristan (Conservation) - 10.01.2005This article has photographs
Nightingale Island is one of the most important breeding sites for seabirds in the Southern Ocean. The current project will produce a management plan for Nightingale and will implement the practical conservation of the plan. Photos (c) James Glass (Tristan Times)

10: UNESCO Praises Tristan's Conservation Efforts - Tristan (Conservation) - 13.07.2004This article has photographs
Tristan da Cunha’s conservation efforts have been praised at the 28th Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, held in Suzhou, China. Photo (c) J. Brock (SARTMA-TdC) Inaccessible Island is one of Unesco's latest World Heritage Sites.

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