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1: Tristan da Cunha wants an adviser with farming experience to help develop livestock and agriculture - Tristan (People) - 25.01.2016
Tristan da Cunha is looking for an Agricultural Advisor to start work in August 2016. An Adviser is needed to assist with all aspects of the development of livestock and agriculture on the Island.

2: Pastoral Visit to Tristan da Cunha - 2012 - Tristan (People) - 25.10.2012
This year my visit to Tristan got off with a very good start. The sail from Cape Town to Tristan was on the maiden voyage of the SA Agulhas II, and what a swanky ship it really is.

3: Tristan Celebrates Queen's Day 2009 - Tristan (People) - 02.04.2009This article has photographs
Queen’s Day this year was held on Friday 27th March. Conrad Glass the Chief Islander/Policeman rang the dong at around 6am on the morning so that all the islanders knew that Queen’s Day had begun. Photos (C) James Glass (Tristan Times)

4: Tristan Receives New Citizen - Tristan (People) - 03.07.2006This article has photographs
Kieran James Peter Glass arrived at 1830hrs on Sunday, 02 July 2006. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times)

5: Injured Seaman Returns Home from Tristran - Tristan (People) - 22.06.2006This article has photographs
Nicolay, who was injured while aboars M/V Pirgos on the 25th of May has recovered enough to be transported to Cape Town enroute to Bulgaria. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) Nicolay being carried to Edinburgh's sick bay.

6: Letter of Thanks from Bulgaria - Tristan (People) - 13.06.2006This article has photographs
The seaman rescued from the stormy South Atlantic is well and his family are grateful for assistance rendered. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times)

7: Worlds Loneliest Island Saves life of Bulgarian Seamen - Tristan (People) - 02.06.2006This article has photographs
The vessel M.V. Pirgos was on its way to Brazil from Africa, when seamen Nicolay fell 8m into a hole whilst working, he suffer a broken left leg, compound fracture. Broken jaw, blunt trauma to the abdomen, this had happen 3 days ago. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) The Bulgarian Seaman being lifted to safety

8: Death Notice: Peter Swain - Tristan (People) - 22.05.2006
It is with regret that the Island of Tristan da Cunha announces the Death of Peter Swain.

9: Tristan Welcomes New Islander - Tristan (People) - 10.03.2006
Jamie Kenneth Lewis Glass was born on 09 March 2006.

10: Tristan 500 Diary - Tristan (People) - 18.02.2006
Events from 09 to 12 February are chronicled here.

11: Sarah's International Interview - Tristan (People) - 13.02.2006
Enjoy the interview.

12: Death Notices - Tristan (People) - 23.01.2006
Two much loved and respected Islanders have passed on.

13: Tristanians Abroad: You Can Advise These People - Tristan (People) - 09.01.2006This article has photographs
Not everyone from outside can receive advice from Tristanians, like the man in the picture. Photo (c) J. Brock (SARTMA - TdC) With Tristan in the background, a tourist receives advice from a Tristanian about the wildlife on Nightingale Island.

14: Monsignor Michael B. McPartland's Pastoral Visit to Tristan - Tristan (People) - 04.10.2005This article has photographs
Monsignor McPartland tells us about his pastoral trip to Tristan da Cunha.

15: Tristan Celebrates Jimmy Rogers' Paintings - Tristan (People) - 21.09.2005This article has photographs
Jimmy Rogers paints in watercolour and oil as well ad drawing in pencil. See now an exhibition of his work. All artwork in this story is (c) Jimmy Rogers - This painting shows a typical settlement scene.

16: Tristan to Receive a Very Special Visitor - Tristan (People) - 11.09.2005This article has photographs
Monsignor Michael McPartland is, as this is being written, on his way to Tristan da Cunha aboard the SA Agulhas. As the Roman Catholic Prefect Apostolic for the South Atlantic Islands from Antarctica to Ascension, Monsignor McPartland has responsibility for all Roman Catholic congregations in the 10Million square mile parish. Photo (c) J. Brock (SARTMA - TdC) Monsignor McPartland

17: Couple Plan to Marry on Tristan - Tristan (People) - 11.08.2005This article has photographs
The engagement of Sarah Glass and Tony Anderson took place on Sunday, 07 August 2005. Photo (c) Sophie Anderson - Tony and Sarah

18: Royal Navy Lends Hand to Tristan Scholar - Tristan (People) - 08.05.2005This article has photographs
HMS PORTLAND visited Tristan over the weekend of 06 and 07 May this year on its way from Ascension Island and St Helena and on to the Falkland Islands. Photo (c) Mike Hentley (Tristan Times) _ HMS Portland as seen from shore at the Settlement.

19: The Price of Tristan Times - Tristan (People) - 07.05.2005This article has photographs
The price of Tristan Times isn’t what you think. And, if you wanted to pay currency for it in the early days, there was a surprise in store. Moira Middleton (MM) tells us more. Photo (c) J. Brock (FINN) - Tristan, where Potatoes were used in place of cash.

20: Rockhopper Copper set to Hit Bookshelves - Tristan (People) - 14.03.2005This article has photographs
In 2006 it will be 500 years since the Portuguese explorer Tristao da Cunha discovered what is now the most remote inhabited island on Earth -- the mountainous volcano summit towering out of the South Atlantic, 1,500 miles from Cape Town, 1,300 miles from St Helena, home now to just 300 people: Photo(c) Beau Rowlands - Conrad at a recent Tristan da Cunha Association meeting.

21: Tristan da Cunha: Flags at Half-Mast for Tsunami Victims - Tristan (People) - 05.01.2005
Even Remote Tristan Has Been Touched by the Tsunami Disaster.

22: Hanky-Panky Allegations Refuted by Chief Islander - Tristan (People) - 29.12.2004
In defence of her Island’s ancestry, Chief Islander, Anne Green has refuted an article entitled “Ancestry Research Exposes Hanky Panky,” which appeared on December 5th in the South African newspaper the Johannesburg Sunday Times, and written by Shantini Naidoo.

23: The Baptism of Julie Green - Tristan (People) - 07.12.2004
Tristan's youngest resident has been Baptised at St. Mary's

24: November Wedding for Tristan Couple - Tristan (People) - 07.12.2004
The wedding of Andrew Green and Tanya Rogers took place on Thursday, 25 November 2004.

25: Albatross Bar to Re-Open - Tristan (People) - 08.09.2004This article has photographs
One of the world’s most isolated Pubs – the Albatross Bar – will re-open on Thursday, 16 September 2004 after repairs following the 2001 hurricane that devastated the settlement. Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) - The Cafe and Prince Philip Hall in the background.

26: It's a Girl! - Tristan (People) - 27.07.2004
Camogli Hospital in Edinburgh of the Seven Seas has been a buzz of activity today, 27 July 2004, with the birth of Julie Sarah Green, daughter of Wendy and Raymond Green of Tristan da Cunha.

27: Gony Sighted on Tristan - Tristan (People) - 09.05.2004This article has photographs
A juvenile Wandering Albatross – Gony as it is locally known – has landed at the head of the valley near the road leading to the potato patches. Photos (c) J. Brock (SARTMA TdC) The Gony was the first sighted in approximately 50 years.

28: Tristan da Cunha: The Way Tristanians Tell It - Tristan (People) - 07.01.2004This article has photographs
Daniel Schreier and Karen Lavarello-Schreier have written an informative book about Tristan da Cunha, its people, way of life and language.

29: A Former Administrator Dispels Tristan's Myths - Tristan (People) - 17.11.2003
In part 1 of this interview taken in 2000, Brian Baldwin Talks about the education that Tristanians are getting.

30: Administrator Dispels the Myths (Part 2) - Tristan (People) - 17.11.2003
Development on Tristan Da Cunha is discussed.

31: Administrator Dispels Myths (Part 3) - Tristan (People) - 17.11.2003
New Businesses on Tristan Da Cunha are discussed.

32: Tristan Remembers People Who Helped Them - Tristan (People) - 17.11.2003
Over the years there were many people who have helped Tristanians with their infrastructure as well with other more personal concerns. Two of these people are remembered below.

33: Tristan Times: On Our Own at Last - Tristan (People) - 07.11.2003This article has photographs
Tristan Times now has it's own website! Photo (c) James Glass (SARTMA-TdC)

34: Tristanian Rescued by Boat and by Helicopter - Tristan (People) - 21.02.2003This article has photographs
This historical article describes in graphic detail why Tristan da Cunha is considered to be the remotest island in the world.

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