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Tristan : Tristan celebrates Queens Day 2012
Submitted by Tristan Times (Sarah Glass) 11.03.2012 (Current Article)

Queens Day this year was held on Friday the 9th March.

Tristan celebrates Queens Day 2012

Queens Day this year was held on Friday the 9th March. The dong was rung by the Chief Islander in the early hours of the morning to announced the day as a public holiday.† The keen fishermen were off to try and land the longest fish, which at the end of the day the first prize turned out to be 121cm yellowtail, caught under the Hill piece.† This was followed by another 106.5cm Yellowtail in 2nd place. All fish had to be caught from the beach.

Lots of vegetables were on display as well as the important heaviest potato, best Tristan made crisps, adults and childrenís best photo, knitwear, best cake and flower arrangements.

Childrenís sports were played in the afternoon, and a game of football between the Factory and Government staff, both teams were evenly match, although the Government won 2-1 in the end.

The Atlantic Fresh catering team made lunch and sold drinks at the school hall while the events were taking place. ††At the end of the day prize giving and drinks to toast the Queen was provided by the Administrator and Mrs Burns at the Administratorís residency.† This was followed by a dance in the Prince Philip Hall to end the day.† The weather was perfect, bright blue skies and sunny, and the community enjoyed the day. ††


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