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Tristan : Rockhopper Copper to Receive MBE
Submitted by Tristan Times (Juanita Brock) 18.06.2010 (Article Archived on 02.07.2010)

Conrad Glass or Connie as he is more affectionately known, has for many years provided loyal and dedicated service to the Tristanian community as a policeman, politician and on occasion Acting Administrator.

Queen’s Birthday Honours 2010 and the Certificate and Badge of Honour


On Saturday, the 12th June 2010, His Excellency Governor Gurr hosted the annual Garden Party at Plantation House in honour of Queen Elizabeth the Second’s birthday.

In welcoming approximately 350 guests to celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday, Governor Gurr said:


 “Her Majesty is now 84, and that is an achievement by any standards.  However, for her to be still working and functioning as monarch is truly remarkable.  I am old enough to remember her coronation in June 57 years ago and there can be no doubt that the world has changed a great deal since that day.  Yet Elizabeth II has managed to ensure that our royal heritage has been preserved in a manner that is suited to modern times.  That in itself is an immense achievement and is the envy of many other nations”.


 Following a toast to the Queen and the singing of the National Anthem, a minute’s silence was observed as a tribute to the families who had been touched by bereavement during the past week.


Governor Gurr then announced the award of the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) to former Chief Islander Conrad Glass of Tristan da Cunha and, Mr Donald Peters on Ascension Island.


Conrad Glass or Connie as he is more affectionately known, has for many years provided loyal and dedicated service to the Tristanian community as a policeman, politician and on occasion Acting Administrator.  He is well known for his firm but sensitive approach to his duties and his ability to resolve issues in a fair and consistent manner which has earned him the respect of his fellow islanders. 


His Excellency said of Mr Peters, better known to many by his nick name “Worm”, that he had “worked for the UK Government on Ascension with considerable distinction for many years”.  Congratulations are extended to both Mr Glass and Mr Peters.


Governor Gurr then presented the Certificate and Badge of Honour to Mr Desmond Wade, a locally approved award to recognise exceptional service to the community. During his 39 years of exemplary service to the St Helena Government, Desmond has worked his way up from a Clerk within the Treasury Department to his current role of Chief Finance Officer and, on a number of occasions, has undertaken the duties of the Financial Secretary.  He has also served as a Justice of the Peace since 1994.  Desmond’s knowledge of SHG’s finance has enabled him to give valuable advice and support to Councillors and officials alike and he is well respected for the commitment and professionalism with which he has carried out his duties. Following a period of pre-retirement leave commencing on 25th June, Desmond is due to retire from the public service in December of this year.  Congratulations are extended to Mr Wade on his achievements and on receiving the Certificate and Badge of Honour.


A second Certificate and Badge of Honour was awarded to Mrs Ann Sim in recognition of her “remarkable contribution to society on St Helena”.  In addition to the establishment of “Ann’s Place” which provides catering services to islanders, yachties and visitors alike, Ann has been recognised for the many sporting events that she has organised over the years.  Unfortunately, due to ill health, Mrs Sim was unable to accept the award in person and instead, her daughter Mrs Sally Hickling was presented with the award on her behalf. Mrs Sim is to be congratulated on receiving the Certificate and Badge of Honour for her services to the community.


His Excellency the Governor also announced his intention to award certificates to a number of people for Acts of Bravery.  These certificates will be presented at a later date.


Public Relations/Information Office

Office of the Chief Secretary

17 June 2010


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