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Tristan : Tristan Fishing News 11.11.09
Submitted by Tristan Times (Sarah Glass) 11.11.2009 (Current Article)

The 2009/10 fishing season has not started very well due to excessivebad weather.

Tristan Fishing News

The 2009/10 fishing season has not started very well due to excessive
bad weather. No one can remember November weather being so bad,
usually the swimming pool is filled at this time, with several sunny
days as we move to summer. Instead we are experiencing strong winds
and heavy rain, and currently no fishing days yet in November.

Last year due to the factory being rebuilt the fishing vessel M.V.
Kelso had to come in and catch the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) using
Tristanian fishermen and their powerboats, rotating different groups
of fishermen every week

The TAC for Tristan last year was 185mt and it was not completed until
the M.V Edinburgh caught the remained of the TAC (17,498kgs) early in
the year.

This year the TAC is the same as last year, although to compare with
fishing from the Factory the season before last has been taken.

Season 2007-2008

July End of October 19 days fished

Season 2009-2010

July End of October 10 days fished.

The quota this year was also set at 185mt and the fishermen were
hoping that the majority would be caught by the end of the year.
However with two vessels coming in with cargo and the breakup for
Christmas due around the 18th December this does not look promising.
The remaining tonnage left to be caught for this season is 146.9mt,
and to date we are approximately 56.9mt behind of where we would like
to be at this time of year. Lets hope the weather gives us a break
this month, which is the peak of the season, when both sexes are on
the bite.

Sarah Glass


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