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Tristan : Tristan small but resourceful
Submitted by Tristan Times (Sarah Glass) 11.04.2009 (Current Article)

Photo; Dereck Rogers and Raymond Green from the ANRD Deparment ready to load the potatoes for St Helena

Tristan small but resourceful

Photo; Dereck Rogers and Raymond Green from the ANRD Deparment ready to load the potatoes for St Helena

For many years Tristan have been known for the excellent quality of their potatoes, due to the rich volcanic soil.  So when a request was received from St Helena, asking if the islanders of Tristan could help supply some potatoes, due to a shortage on their island, they were only happy help.
As always it was just Tristanians luck, that the second to last cruise vessel to visit Tristan this season, was heading for St Helena, and they had agree to take them.  It was very short notice and over the weekend, but the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department managed to collect and check the order of just over 2 metric tons, and had them ready for shipment.
They were delivered to the Russian cruise vessel Professor Molchanov on Sunday the 5th April, and with any luck the St Helenians will be having Tristan roast potatoes on Easter Sunday.
With the change in lifestyle Tristanians are not eating as many potatoes as they used to in the past, so they are hoping that in the future they can provide their surplus to visiting vessels.  All of the potatoes sold were from pensioners, so they welcomed the extra income, as their weekly pension is only 17.33 a week.  Many thanks, to you Tracey Corker of St Helena, for making the order.
Sarah Glass


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