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Tristan : Negotiations Underway to Free Rig
Submitted by Tristan Times (Sarah Glass) 08.06.2006 (Article Archived on 22.06.2006)

The Rig had to be set loose a month ago and has finally gone aground on Tristan Da Cunha.

Photos (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) The Island as seen from the rig.






By Sarah Glass (Tristan Times)


A message was received at Tristan on the 22nd May from master of TG Mighty Deliverer said that due to bad weather TG Mighty Deliverer was forced to release platform PXXI at 35'48S 013'35W to avoid risk to platform and his ocean-going Tug Boat..  The platform was released at sea unmanned with no onboard fuel, thus contamination free.


Eyeball contact with semi submersible PXXI was maintained until 10 May 2006.  However, after further bad weather the platform started to draw away from TG Mighty Deliverer.  From the 16th May the Tug had been searching for the rig and, the skipper reported it lost on the 22nd May. 

Another company S/T Ruby Deliverer assist in searching but had found nothing.  The size of the Platform is as follows, Total length 104.9m, Breadth 103.63m, Draft 13m.

The Platform was found at Tristan on the 7th June on the SE side of Tristan at Tripot Gulch. The rescue rib was coxswained by Neil Swain and Conrad Glass, and crewed by Mark Swain, Duncan Lavarello and Jack Green accompanied by Head of Natural Resources James Glass and Conservation Officer Simon Glass.  The Rig was visited by Tristan Officials on the morning of Thursday, 08 June 2006.  She is grounded approximately 300m from the shore.  There does not appeared to be any oil leaking, only a small diesel slick, which is nothing to be concern about at the moment, its also good that the penguins have left the island as it is grounded directly of the Tripot Rock Hopper penguin rookery. Talks are underway with its owners.



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