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Tristan : Calshot Harbour Afloat
Submitted by Tristan Times (Sarah Glass) 07.06.2006 (Current Article)

Stormy weather often renders Calshot Harbour useless.

Photo (c) James Glass (Tristan Times) The Harbour at its ..almost.. worst.

Calshot Harbour Afloat



More often than not storms make this harbour useless for any business at all.


By Sarah Glass (Tristan Times)

The beginning of winter is proving to be very harsh this year at Tristan, once again experiencing bad weather over the holiday weekend, on Friday the 2nd June, heavy rains flooded Hottentot Gulch blocking the road (which had to be cleared on Saturday, only to be blocked again on Sunday) and created an extended Hottentot Beach as seen in the photo.  Muddy water circle the island about half a mile due to the small landslides falling from the mountain causing soil and gravel being washed into the sea carried by the many waterfalls.

Heavy seas battered the harbour and early Saturday morning another five blocks had been wash off the west harbour wall.  Factory staff was called to move the fishing boats from the harbour, some of which had received minor damage, being knocked down by the waves breaking over the harbour wall. Most have been removed from the harbour and are now parked in front of the supermarket.  The sea came to under the bank at the harbour and around the cement mixers on the beach, washing away the stockpile of sand and gravel.

Once again many of the islanders commented that the harbour is situated in the wrong place, and should be built (at the pond) where it was first survey by a South African engineer in 1964, after the islanders resettlement from the volcano.  However due to the new fishing factory being build a short distance away (because the old one was covered by the 1961 volcano) the harbour was build closer to the factory, but on a reef.  Although photos taken the same day show the safest area, money to rebuild a new harbour remains the biggest problem. Some blasting was done at the pond site by Navy and the crane got to a depth of 18 feet deeper than any point at the present harbour which average 2m.  There are people coming to survey the harbour on the next vessel and it will be interesting to see what they have to say.

The next cargo vessel, the Edinburgh, is due to depart Cape Town on the 8th June.  Prior to the ship’s arrival the harbour will have to be checked to see if the entrance is blocked by cement blocks.

Photos © James Glass (Tristan Times)

Launch Sea Spray held by the lifting hooks as the seas batter the harbour (10:00hrs).
Seas break over Calshot Harbour as factory staff rescues fishing boats (10:00hrs).
The Pond preferred harbour area (10:30hrs)

Flooding over the weekend of 03 – 04 June 2006 extended Hottentot Beach. 



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