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Tristan : Rams Settle in to New Home
Submitted by Tristan Times (Juanita Brock) 30.04.2005 (Current Article)

The four rams that made the voyage from Goose Green to Tristan da Cunha are doing just fine.

Photo (c) Tristan Times - Regie, Roger, Rupert and Randolph at home on Tristan.

Rams Settle in to New Home

 By J. Brock (SARTMA -TdC)


Regie, Roger, Rupert and Randolph

The four rams that were loaded on to the Marianne Danica and shipped to Tristan da Cunha are settling in just fine and have been given names.  Regie, Roger, Rupert and Randolph will be increasing the micron of their offspring and improving the meat quality.

The conditions on tristan will ensure that the sheep have plenty of good pasture.  Be sure to look in the Craft Shop in the next few years and feel the change in the quality of the wool that the jumpers, socks, scarves and hats are made of.

The traditional Tristan socks.



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