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Tristan : Appointment of Tristan da Cunha's Conservation Officer
Submitted by Tristan Times (Sarah Glass) 15.12.2005 (Article Archived on 29.12.2005)

Simon Glass has been appointed Tristan da Cunha's Conservation Officer.

Photo (c) Sarah Glass (Tristan Times) On the left Rodney Green and on the right, Conservation Officer, Simon Glass holding the winch so flax can be removed. Yellow Nosed Albatross (Thalassarche Chlorohynchos) are monitored at four sites on Nightingale Island, with approximately 850 counted and 100 chicks ringed each year.

Appointment of Tristan da Cunha’s Conservation Officer



Rodney Green and Simon Glass


By Sarah Glass (Tristan Times)



Simon Glass was appointed as Conservation Officer in the Natural Resources Department on the 20 September 2005.


The purpose of his job is to conserve the biodiversity of the Tristan Islands through the Tristan Biodiversity Action Plan. The main duties of the job are to develop and manage projects, and assist with existing monitoring programmes for seabird’s habitats and seals.


In conjunction with others within the NR department and overseas develop monitoring programmes for other aspects of the islands biodiversity, including marine life and plants. He will also work with any visiting scientists on projects where specific conservation problems have been identified and help to develop research projects in conjunction with other organisations.


His job will involve informing visitors to Tristan about the wildlife of the Tristan Island group, assist with wildlife tours around the islands. And, he will educate Tristan residents of all ages about the importance of their wildlife heritage.   



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